The development of artists was reviewed in 2019: a module dedicated to emerging artists is installed within the missions of the structure. Writing of files, reflections and strategy of development, budgets, retroplanning, meetings of specifiers, advices with the export … these services à la carte allow the artists to be followed on a given time, according to their wishes and their needs, in parallel with the production of international tours which requires a follow-up of artists for one, two or three years.
If the current music sector is privileged, the structure also occasionally receives dancers, visual artists and musicians affiliated to other aesthetics such as classical music or traditional music. Board meetings take place at Plato – 24 rue de Limare – in a meeting room dedicated to this type of service.

Further follow-up can be tackled at the request of certain artists for a development in France: Yanai Lab supports the structuring, the requests for financing, the administration.