Since its creation in June 2016, Yanai Lab wants to be a facilitator. The structure supports the artists in their desire to ex-bring their projects and inspirations into new territories. She is also on the lookout for collaborations with foreign artists who want to try European festivals or scenes in France.

The company’s skills are also used for regional artist development through structuring and networking services. In other words, Yanai Lab, member of the Fraca-ma, works in collaboration and complementarity with other support structures to allow global monitoring for developing artists. If, for many projects, Yanai Lab is executive producer for international distribution – as for the association Capsul Collectif – it also happens that the structure intervenes in support of other regional entities. Indeed, Yanai Lab is administrator for the association 60 Décibels or for the association Bécarre production. The company has also collaborated with the Astrolabe, the Tricollectif or the Three key productions on specific missions.

Yanai Lab supports the writing of projects, from the artistic idea of ​​the project leader to its realization, to its representation with the institutional interlocutors, offers its services for the development of communication media or the production and management of tour.