Producer // Sounds creator  // Synthesizer // DJ and live artist // Compositor // Video and graphism producer

Spain / France / India



Audio Pervert (Samrat B) is a motivated artist and electronic musician, linked to an ever-growing circuit of Indie music, bands, DJs and emerging music culture from India.
For nearly 10 years, he has contributed to artist collectives, compilations, networks, albums and tours across India. He got closer to international musicians and professionals from China, Germany, Reunion, Spain and Switzerland, developing many projects, agreements and collaborations on a recurring basis.

Since 2005, Audio Pervert has produced and mixed a wide variety of Indies albums, and remixed Indian and international artists. Teddy Boy Kill is perhaps the most prominent example of a successful EDM in Live.

Since 2001, he has worked as a sound designer and producer for Bollywood music and even for film and stage productions. His career has allowed him, during these last 16 years, to multiply the calls: at the same time composer, propagator of electronic music, monster synthesizer, sound artist, composer of song, blogger, dj or explorer of digital media. He currently divides his time between New Delhi, India, and Valencia, Spain.

Project “CORE” (2015)