It was from the desire to marry oriental techniques to contemporary arts that So’ham Bugün was born on October 5, 2009.

Florence Ponceau, a Yoga teacher who received her teaching directly in India, joins Delphine Allard and Nada Mousali, both passionate about theater, dance and the Orient. They support the work of the artist Barbara Goguier, actress, dancer and director who was trained in traditional Turkish dances in Cappadocia, to enrich the artistic practice. From this collaboration emerges a work on the awakening of the senses and the body with the intention of developing intuition and creativity. Associations such as Asca, Francas and Houses for All and neighborhoods have called on So’ham Bugün to create a link between the different artistic disciplines and between individuals through social workshops.

Je crois des choses qui n’ont pas de contours, Barbara Goguier
Création in 2019, diffusion in 2020

he project took root in March 2017. Barbara Goguier and Eric Martinen participated in a creative event of Labomedia at 108 in Orleans. A performance came out of this working time: it presented a first third of the texts of Victor Hugo previously identified. These texts were translated into English, by the American performer Patricia Chen, director of the company Chendance. A month later, Barbara Goguier took the initiative to go to the National Library of France to see the original texts on microfilm.

Recently, from September 1 to 14, 2018, the creation of the show began. Barbara Goguier and Eric Martinen performed a residency at Théâtre C.IN.E. in Mallorca. It was an opportunity for them to collaborate with a circus artist, Carla Fontes Dias, acrobat specialized in aerial fabric and hoop. In this idyllic setting of creation, a film of about ten minutes retranscribing the work carried out during this residence was realized.

The show has now found its shape. Transversal and multidisciplinary, he will mix the circus arts and dance, staging bodies in space. Video, music and poetry will in fact be associated.

This creation is a long-term project, with a vision at N + 2: 2019 will be devoted to the creation, 2020 to diffusion.

Barbara Goguier, accustomed to solos and duets, launches into the staging of a show with several entrances and will summon on stage a woman, hoop and air cloth, and a man on the wheel cyr. As for the text, it will transform it into real contemporary poetry.

The circus arts will have a place of choice in the implementation of this project. On stage, the texts guide the steps of actors-dancers-Circassians who embroider a world of abstract, illusionist, surprising. The statement is troubling, the performance is audacious.

In the minds of the audience, the message passes. For them, the mission, if they accept it, holds in the reception of the subject, devoid of script or coherent thread, but rather focused on the sensations, the emotion, the artistic in its pure state.

Three periods of residence are sought, with the objective of choosing artists, creating together and staging. The scenography work is also at the heart of the project, combining video and music.

As for the broadcast, dates will take place in the region and in Paris. It will then involve participating in parties dedicated to performance, creation and festivals highlighting the emergence.