Electric vocuhila, jazz quartet

“The Electric Vocuhila Tourangelle Group, a member of the Capsul Collectif, started in early 2019 to work with Anaïs Rambaud and Yanaï Lab as part of an exchange project with Malagasy musicians that will take place in 2020 and 2021. This collaboration proves to be very positive, since Anaïs has been particularly involved since the beginning, both listening to our artistic intentions and capable of many proposals to enable the realization of the project and bring other perspectives ».

Barbara Goguier, choreographer and director

“Working with Anaïs Rambaud is a major asset. He is a decent, reliable, professional and very conscientious person. Always listening, she was and is undeniable support for the start of my projects. Her organizational skills and editorial skills are of great help to me when it comes to writing papers, organizing ideas. It is a true collaboration which today I will not be able to pass”.

Majnun, musician and composer
“Yanai Lab is a structure that has proven itself in its field, and we are fortunate in collaborating with it, through Anaïs Rambaud, to benefit from its experience. Rigor and seriousness are the two essential qualities that make their work more appreciable”.

Steak, jazz trio

“The Steak trio Steak has had the pleasure of working with Anaïs and Yanai Lab on a musical exchange with India. She has been an essential part of the project thanks to her on-site contacts, her availability, her easy communication and her professionalism in general. We have excellent memories of moments with Anaïs and would not hesitate to work with her again”.

Marie Cherrier, singer

“Anaïs Rambaud works on the international exploitation of Les Bas-Fonds de Paris (musical comedy) and I must say that she anticipates the tasks in a very relevant way. Responsive and competent, she quickly targets the issues, and suddenly, thanks to her and soon after her arrival, the project seems to be ready to cross borders”.

Cécile Pitois, plastic artist

“The help provided by Anaïs Rambaud from the Yanai Lab structure has been very valuable for various projects to date. I appreciated the help writing the application because the language of an artist, rightly, is very different from an administrative and political language. Anaïs Rambaud allows this translation which makes the feasibility of the project possible”.

Julie Bonnafont, artistic director of No Parking

“Seriousness, follow-up in ideas, and a great dedication to the artistic projects she supports”.

Guillaume Dettmar, violonist et composer of United Colors of Méditerranée

“Very good cooperation from Anaïs, as well as a very fast reactivity, which allowed us to advance quickly on a good number of files (contracts, concerts, mails, contacts …)”

Mario D’Souza, plastic artist

“Working with Anaïs and Yanai Lab is building a powerful conversation about my work. I have been working with her for four years now and my projects have positive results. I am happy to build these projects with Anaïs, both attentive and professional”.