Adrien Chennebault / percussion, choruses
David Sevestre / saxophone (soprano, tenor)
Simon Couratier / saxophone (viola, baritone) and flute
Julien Petit/ Trumpet and trombone
Jeannot Mendy / guitar, choirs
Lamine Ndiaye / drums
Abdourahmane Fall / bass, choruses
Majnun / lead vocals, guitar


Majnun left Senegal at 19 years old. He arrived in France with one goal in mind: to study international law. He obtained his master’s degree at the University of Orleans. “At that time, I gradually start the music, I do choruses in a reggae band,” recalls the artist. After several experiences, especially with the Waliyaan group, it is really in 2010 that the solo career of the artist begins. Majnun meets the musical network of Orleans. “Jazz musicians in particular, artists from all walks of life,” he continues. Funk, soul, samba … Majnun is soaked in everything he discovers and inspires. Assimilated to the category of “world music”, he brews a lot of aesthetics with a strong African methodology and a look at the Western society that surrounds it.

Majnun stayed seven years without returning to Africa. For some time now, he has had the opportunity, several times a year, to go and see his family, very well established in the Senegalese cultural milieu. He has kept a strong bond with his country and would like to create bridges between his two countries. Majnun has returned to Senegal three times this year. “I would like to be able to abolish these boundaries that bother me and be an artist who, with his situation as a migrant, becomes an ambassador of the artistic practices of one territory or another”.

Majnun has been asserting himself as a solo artist for a few years. In a trio or surrounded by eight musicians, he expresses his story and the stories he creates on stage with spirituality and humility. In his group, half of the artists are French, the other half are from Senegal. A unique and fusional blend that led Majnun to build a tour in Africa in 2019. “I want my musicians to understand where my music comes from, my inspiration, my way of composing and designing music”, says the artist. “This return home illustrates our cooperative spirit. Besides, I’m building this trip as such”. Indeed, in addition to concert dates scheduled in specific locations, Majnun envisages meetings with informed audiences, remote or prevented in order to share practices and notions of culture with the musicians in a more unusual way. “We have, within the group, a brass section, which seems very interesting for the African public. In addition, these musicians, who have received Western training, wish to learn more about the art of orality, the way African artists compose, without going through writing. It’s a two-way sharing of experiences”.

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The Majnun tour will begin with Benin: the artist has forged strong ties with the French Institute of Cotonou, whose director, Christine le Ligné, has ties in Center-Val de Loire. Parakou, city of decentralized cooperation of the city of Orleans, was also a compulsory passage for Majnun who lives in Orleans for many years.

Majnun will then go on the roads of Mauritania and Mali for a few concerts, before arriving in Senegal where, after a date in Saint-Louis, he will stay a few days in Dakar, in residence. A concert at the French Institute in Dakar is planned to close the tour.