The idea of ​​making a “Music box village” in Orléans, inspired by the eponymous village based in New Orleans (series of huts built with recycled materials following Hurricane Katrina), was ex- awarded by Frédéric Robbe, director of the Astrolabe, scene of current music in Orleans having traveled to New Orleans as part of the recent twinning with the city johannique. He surrounded himself with Yanai Lab (for the production of the project) as well as Steven le Corre (for the technical direction) to implement the project. A first illustration of this colossal work will be seen in September 2019 in Orléans, at the Hop Pop Hop Festival, and in the 500 years of the Renaissance. The project could continue until 2024, when the “Music box village of Orléans” would take root in a place identified in Orleans (currently being defined).