Lizzy Ling, Régis Savigny and Julie Bonnafont are authors, particularly in the collective at Contresens. This nomadic group of songwriters is a chameleon: at each residence, it is inspired by the material and decor present to write new songs. Co-writing, group creation, are the basic principles of Inverse. This time it was in India, in Tamil Nadu, that they went to seek inspiration. The French authors of the collective and the Indian composers of the KM Music Conservatory of Chennai have mixed their paths of creation. From their intertwined roads emerged particular sounds.

Fourteen songs were born from this Franco-Indian meeting in Tamil Nadu.
Fourteen stories of transport, poetically evoking all the ways of traveling, from the vehicle to the emotion.
Fourteen titles recorded in the studios of A.R.RAHMAN’s prestigious academy and then presented on stage in Chennai in December 2017.

A tour in France took place in June 2018 to present the album. A new tour in France is preparing for 2019 and a broadcast in India the same year.

“A quality musical encounter that combines French texts with Indian music: a change of scenery guaranteed!” (What the France / Bureau export)

“A magical moment of a unique show”
A rather awesome musical moment” (Berry républicain)

“The words in French swing to the rhythm of the tablas, the voices mingle, the song is a beautiful human adventure!”(Les Bains douches Lignières)