In November 2017, Paul, Flavien and Axel discovered India. The young jazzmen of Tours, from the Jazz school in Tours, members of the Steak group, were selected by their group of musicians, Capsul Collectif, to try the Indian public.

During their first trip to India in November 2017, Steak made a name for itself. In front of an audience fond of rock and electronic music (during a concert at Blue Frog in Bangalore), in front of an audience of young student musicians (during a workshop at the Rainbow Bridge School), in front of an audience of professionals from all over India and elsewhere (during a concert at the Xchange festival in Chennai).

The idea began to germinate in the minds of the members of the Capsul Collective: this diffusion and this first contact with India deserves a continuation.

A first residency for Steak musicians took place in September 2018, to meet Lopa Mudra and Philip John, Indian musicians previously met. They have engaged together the beginnings of a common creation.

Another residency, followed by a broadcast, took place in France in January-February 2019.

In addition to the programming of this Franco-Indian creation in the Scenes of contemporary music, cultural centers and festivals, the training has proposed cultural mediation actions around the project.