Resolutely centered around all these cultures that live together in the Mediterranean, the original music of the violinist Guilaume Dettmar testifies first and foremost a fierce desire to federate several aesthetic worlds to better melt them into a coherent whole. Carried by culturally and culturally diverse artists, eager to mix their passions, as their personal stories, this project, far from any angelism, reminds, if necessary, that if this music intended for all jazzifications and to the most disheveled improvisations can not change the world, nor does it soften morals, it can allow, at least, a salutary awareness. This is the essential.

At the crossroads of jazz

It just clicked. For Guillaume Dettmar, violinist, everything started after a terrible murderous settlement in Israel. Sensitive by his roots, he wrote several pieces, which, for him, try to respond positively to the conflict. His songs do not come alive until two years later, when he finds himself surrounded by other musicians, during an improvised concert at Club 15. The Orleans jazz club sees then a new project to be born. The five artists then meet to rehearse, once, then two, to create together what will become United Colors of the Mediterranean.

After a residency in Chamonix, André Manoukian, a few dates of concerts are linked: the festival Karellis, the festival of Carpentras, jazz Saturdays in Orleans. Soon, band members meet a new musician just arrived from New Orleans to … Orleans. Jason Marsalis, the youngest of the famous Marsalis company, is a drummer and vibraphonist emeritus. He goes on stage alongside United Colors of Méditerranée during the Jazz à l’Evêché festival, in the Johannine city. It is a success. And this collaboration would not seem to stop there.

Signed on the O’Jazz label, the band released their first album in April 2018. Other jazz and oriental music personalities participated in the recording. The release party took place at the Studio de l’Ermitage on July 4th. The band will be touring in 2018-2019.

Accompagnement : Yanai Lab
Booking, production : Hacienda music
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